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No External Ball Equipment Allowed at Mountainside Racquet Club

At Mountainside Racquet Club (MRC), we take pride in providing our members with a great tennis experience. To maintain the highest standards and ensure the safety and enjoyment of all our members, we have implemented a policy regarding the use of external ball baskets and ball machines on our courts.

Our Policy:

It has come to our attention that some members may be considering the use of personal ball baskets or ball machines on MRC courts. While we appreciate the enthusiasm and dedication of our members to elevate their game, we would like to inform everyone that the use of external ball equipment on our courts is strictly prohibited.

Reasons for the Policy:

  1. Court Maintenance: MRC invests significantly in maintaining our courts to the highest standards. External ball equipment may inadvertently cause damage to the playing surface.

  2. Safety Concerns: The safety of our members is paramount. External ball machines or baskets may pose potential hazards, such as tripping or collisions.

  3. Consistency in Quality: By adhering to our policy, we ensure a consistent and controlled environment for all players. This consistency contributes to a positive playing experience for everyone, regardless of skill level.

While external ball equipment is not permitted on our courts, Mountainside Racquet Club remains committed to supporting your tennis journey. Our club offers a range of amenities, including on-site ball machines to enhance your practice sessions and gameplay.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in upholding the standards that make Mountainside Racquet Club a premier destination for tennis enthusiasts.

We look forward to seeing you on the courts!


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