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About Us

Welcome to Mountainside Racquet Club, purchased in 2015 by a group of life-long friends and tennis enthusiasts who are passionate about the sport and committed to creating a welcoming environment for everyone who walks through our doors.

Whether you're a beginner just starting out or an experienced player looking to improve your skills, we have something for you. Our club offers a wide range of services, including lessons, clinics, court time, and equipment sales. And if your racquet needs a little TLC, we also offer professional restringing services to keep it in top condition.

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Tennis Systems at Mountainside Racquet Club

Tennis Systems is a unique training program developed by former top 10 USTA Eastern junior player Steve Ondish. The program combines tennis-specific fitness and coaching to optimize player performance. With a background in collegiate tennis, Steve has developed a holistic approach to training that emphasizes the importance of fitness, conditioning, and mental toughness, in addition to technical skills and strategy. The program's core principles aim to change the way tennis is taught by building a strong foundation of physical fitness to support technical development. Steve's expertise in player development has earned him a reputation for training highly-ranked and blue-chip tennis recruits.


Tennis Systems places a strong emphasis on mental toughness and psychological resilience to help players develop a winning mindset, manage stress and pressure, and stay focused and confident on the court. Overall, Tennis Systems is an innovative program that takes a holistic approach to tennis training, helping players of all levels enhance their skills and excel on the court.

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