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High-School Track

Improve your tennis game with Mountainside Racquet Club's AJP Lvl 4 & Tournament Training Lvl 5 programs. Enhance stroke mechanics, strategy, and shot selection with expert coaches.

Join our High School Track with AJP and Tournament Training sessions today. Register easily by clicking on your preferred date tabs. Spots are filling up fast, so don't wait too long!

Our programs are structured as 12-week sessions. Please note that no refunds or makeups will be provided for withdrawals or absences during the program. Under no circumstances will the program be refunded.

Level 5

Advanced Junior Program

Details: The Advanced Junior Program is designed for the mid-level player who has graduated from our Green Ball program and is approximately 10-16 years old. The clinic is combination of drilling and hitting and is geared towards improving a player’s stroke mechanics and point production. As students advance, they will be taught strategy and shot selection, so they can take their game to the next level. For more information, please contact Howard Sherman,

Program duration: 12 weeks

Cost: $775 for a 1.5 hour session and $995 for a 2 hour session

Level 6   |    High School Training  

Details: The High School Training Program clinic is designed to improve a player’s skills for match and tournament competition. The drills used in this clinic will improve a player’s shot selection, so they develop reliable shot patters in tough situations which should improve their chances of winning. In addition, this program has a fitness component, so they can outlast their opponents even in the toughest of matches. Please contact Howard Sherman,, for details and registration information.

Program duration: 12 weeks

Cost: $1260

Contact Us

For more information, please contact Howard Sherman,

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