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High Performance

Come and be part of our exclusive High Performance track, a tailored program to help you thrive on the court.

Our High Performance Track comprises of High Performance 1 and High Performance 2 sessions which require approval from our Tennis Director, Steve Ondish. Do not wait too long as spots are filling up quickly!

Our programs are structured as 12-week sessions. Please note that no refunds or makeups will be provided for withdrawals or absences during the program. Under no circumstances will the program be refunded.

Level 7

High Performance 

Details: The High Performance program is designed for the fully committed, tournament level player who wish to compete at the highest level.  The program has three levels, and each level requires a specific criteria for qualification which are listed below.

  • Junior High Performance requires a Tennis Recruiting ranking and/or rounded 4 UTR.

  • High Performance 1 requires a Tennis Recruiting ranking and flat 5 to 7.5 UTR.

  • High Performance 2 requires a Tennis Recruiting ranking and a rounded 8 UTR or higher.


Important: The High Performance 1 and 2 Programs require a minimum of three High Performance Clinic days and the High-Performance Friday Tournament Warmup. For Junior High Performance, a minimum of two Junior High Performance Clinic days plus the High-Performance Friday Tournament Warmup are required. For more information, please contact our Tennis Director, Steve Ondish, at

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For more information on Advanced Green Ball, please contact Howard Sherman, 


For more information on High Performance Track, please contact our Tennis Director, Steve Ondish, at

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