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Pickleball Excitement at MRC – Coordinated by Cindy Sweeney!

Welcome to the vibrant world of Pickleball at MRC! With up to 8 expansive courts, our facility offers the perfect setting for pickleball enthusiasts of all skill levels – from beginners to intermediates and advanced players. Whether you're seeking laid-back drop-in play or a more structured learning experience, MRC has you covered.


Please note that MRC does not directly manage pickleball operations. For all inquiries, information, and reservations, kindly text our dedicated Pickleball Coordinator, Cindy Sweeney, at 908-577-1520. Stay updated on team schedules through the Team Reach App, using group code: MRCwithcindy.


We're thrilled to be your preferred destination for pickleball enjoyment and skill development.

See you on the courts!

Image by Joan Azeka
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